Firearms Training


Norton Defense Training employs only the highest trained instructors, dedicated to helping students, from those just beginning to explore firearm sports, to those ready to take their skills to the next level, and those seeking advanced firearm training to fine tune their skills.

Owner/Operator and Instructor at Norton Defense Training, Cherie began training in firearms in 2009.  Cherie is Certified to Instruct by the NRA as well as the California Department of Justice and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. Wanting to learn from the best in the field, Cherie has sought out training from the industry's top instructors and institutes, including Masaad Ayoob, internationally renowned firearms expert, author, competitor and instructor in firearms, martial arts and self defense topics.

Cherie is also an Ambassador member and trains regularly at the elite Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada where she continues to advance her own firearm skills and keeps up to date on the latest training techniques and skills in order to pass them on to her students.

Cherie in an NRA Certified Instructor, teaching NRA classes in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Self Defense inside the Home and Refuse to Be a Victim courses, and offers additional courses in Firearm Safety and Selection, Basic and Advanced CCW Training, Women's classes, Children's Firearm Safety Classes and one-on-one, family or small group private instruction.

Recognizing that range safety is the primary concern in any type of firearm instruction, Cherie is additionally an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.
Chris Danley, Owner/Operator of 2A Safety Training and valued Guest Instructor at Norton Defense, is an expert in his field.  Chris began training in firearms in the 1980's. He has extensive firearm knowledge in many disciplines and has been instructing since 2006.  
Chris's firearm certifications include:

California Department of Justice Certified Instructor
Basic and Advanced CCW Training recognized by El Dorado and Sacramento and other counties

NRA Handgun Instructor
NRA Rifle Instructor
NRA Shotgun Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer

Chris believes shooting is a perishable skill and training as much as possible is critical for the safe and effective employment of a firearm for self-defense.  He has also trained under international firearms expert and trainer, Massad Ayoob as well as furthers his education at Frontsight Firearms Training Institute and other training schools where Chris is a member and keeps current on the latest training techniques, skills and industry developments in order to pass them on to his students.
Committed to keeping safety on the range his primary concern, Chris is also an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.